Ovofit Eiprodukte FRISCH EASY EGG

Easy Egg

Boiled eggs readily available – practical and time-saving.

The boiled and peeled 'Easy Egg' eggs are available in a perforated vacuum wrapping. Simply unwrap and use. Natural taste guaranteed!

Boiled, peeled egg, vacuum-wrapped

  • time efficient
  • ready-to-use, no boiling and peeling
  • natural taste
  • practical vacuum wrapping
  • produced in Bavaria, Germany


fresh barn eggs


Shelf life and storage

35 days at +1°C to +4°C

Nutritional values per 100g

kj: 646
kcal: 155
Protein (g): 12,8
Carbohydrates (g):0,7
Fat (g): 11,3

Bacteriological standard

Enterobacteria/g< 100 cfu/g
Salmonella absent in 25g

Preparation and use

Suitable for various applications, e.g. for egg salads, as a spread, in meator egg pasties and also for sauces and dressings. Ideally suited for decorating of cold plates or simply as filling for baked goods.

Packaging units

in foil, six eggs each vacuum-wrapped
5x6 pieces size S
10x6 pieces size S
20x6 pieces size S
in foil, vacuum-wrapped
4x30 pieces size S
in foil, individually vacuum-wrapped