Ovofit Eiprodukte FRISCH SALTY EGG

Salty Egg

Boiled eggs readily available – practical and time-saving.

'Salty Eggs' are easily handled and suitable for various applications. Conveniently stored in a container with brine, they are immediately ready to be used and convince by their taste and look.

Boiled, peeled egg in brine

  • time efficient
  • ready-to-use, no boiling and peeling
  • quickly processed
  • natural taste
  • practically stored in containers with brine
  • produced in Bavaria, Germany


fresh barn eggs; brine consisting of: water, vinegar, salt (ph < 5)
Upon request also with customer-specific recipes


Shelf life and storage

35 days at +1°C to +4°C

Nutritional values per 100g

kj: 646
kcal: 155
Protein (g): 12,8
Carbohydrates (g):0,7
Fat (g): 11,3

Bacteriological standard

Enterobacteria/g< 100 cfu/g
Salmonella absent in 25g

Preparation and use

Suitable for various applications, e.g. for egg salad, as a spread, in meat- or egg pasties. Perfect for extraordinary recipes, such as deep-fried eggs on a spit with a fish sauce and coriander.

Packaging units

in a bucket
60 eggs in brine
140 eggs in brine
150 eggs in brine
in a bucket (kilogram contents)
7 kg in brine