Half Moon Omelette

The perfect filling for every sandwich!

Our omelettes 'Half Moon' convince by their delicate taste and succulence. The practical shape makes them the perfect filling for every roll - no matter whether shaped round or oval.

Halved Omelettes

  • time efficient
  • defrost and ready-to-eat
  • uniform shape and colour
  • very succulent
  • natural egg taste
  • ideal to be used as a topping for baguette
  • produced in Bavaria, Germany


fresh barn eggs, unskimmed milk, salt


Shelf life and storage

12 months at -18°C

Nutritional values per 100g

kj: 489
kcal: 117
Protein (g): 9,5
Carbohydrates (g):1,8
Fat (g): 8,1

Bacteriological standard

Enterobacteria/g< 100 cfu/g
Salmonella absent in 25g

Preparation and use

Half Moon Omelettes may be enjoyed warm or cold and are perfectly suited as a topping for baguette.
Microwave Cover and heat for approx. 4 minutes (defrosted approx. 2 minutes) at 700W.
Combisteam oven Cover and heat at 80 % humidity and at 160°C for about 6 minutes (defrosted approx. 5 min).

Packaging units

Poly-bag in a carton

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